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A big part of our ethos is our determination to be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends, so when the workplace revolution began back in 2020 we knew that big changes were coming. We knew the workplace was changing and that technology was becoming integral to the corporate landscape, but how could we show people that and let them experience it for themselves? By combining the beautiful office furniture of Techo and our very own office technology solutions in one Central London location. We have incorporated the many different aspects of a modern office into the showroom, to show you how Workspace 2.0 can really look in your very own workplace.
A head office boardroom

The Boardroom

The boardroom is the beating heart of the office, a space to meet with important clients and executives and have important internal meetings. This room should be aspirational whilst expressing the core values of your company. For us, we knew we wanted this room to have a bold dual screen display with the Microsoft Teams room, and we wanted it to be sleek and modern to tie in with the existing room design.

Video Conferencing

In the showroom, we have created three different examples of what a video conferencing set up can look like in a smaller space. The first room is a collaboration zone, utilising the Kramer K Bar and wireless connectivity to go with the relaxed and sociable furniture in the space. The second room is a Microsoft Teams room set up using all Yealink products to show a flexible but slightly more formal meeting space. The third room is the Yamaha room which integrates their video conferencing bar alongside a rustic and cosily designed huddle room.
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Image of a room booking panel we installed at avenir in central london.
Image of a GoBright Desk booking panel.

Room & Desk Booking

If you are wondering how to bring new technologies into your office that will actually benefit your workforce, check out the range of room and desk booking solutions we have on show at the showroom. The future workplace is a very flexible one that utilises technology to increase efficiency, productivity and understanding. With these room and desk booking systems in place, analytics and reporting can be used to thoroughly understand how people are using their offices, and to find ways to bring costs down and increase usage in previously deserted areas.
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