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Digital Signage

Digital Signage & IPTV

Gone are the days where your only options for in-house advertising were posters, chalkboards, and bulletins, that needed to be manually updated every time something changes.

Image of digital signage screens we installed at coffee house.
With digital signage, your updates can be made at the touch of a button, and with a wide range of options to suit any budget the options are endless. Digital signage allows clear and concise communication to be broadcast in a range of styles and formats. Bringing vibrant and clear communication to their audience, digital signage allows messages to be delivered to a wide audience with the ability to adapt and change what is displayed on a regular basis from one central console.


Informative and Educational.

Often used throughout office spaces, digital signage can show real-time statistics, company information, safety information as well as updates such as the latest news and local traffic conditions. We can also hook your signage screens up to your meeting rooms to live-stream conferences or workshops. Many of our clients want to be able to stream news programs which we can facilitate.
image of meeting rooms


Engaging and Interactive.

When thinking about signage in your store, digital signage can provide an engaging and interactive form of in-store advertising that can help push your consumers towards making a purchase. When you think about a static poster or window display, you are limited by a piece of paper. With digital signage, you can display multiple offers, images, or even videos that can create a more dynamic in-store experience. Touch screen displays can be used as a point of sale where your customers can view and explore your website instore.
image of a meeting room


Instant and Informative.

A large blackboard menu is a classic but limits how much information you can display and makes small changes difficult. With digital signage your menus can be updated instantly at the touch of a button. Digital menu boards are known to be more engaging, and can be broadcast in a range of styles but in a clear and concise way.
Image of digital signage screens we installed at coffee house.

Hardware and Software Solutions

Blue Tick
image of digital signage screen


Software solution Signagelive is renowned for it's reliability and ease of use across a wide range of displays.

image of samsung magic info


Hardware players that deliver a reliable and easy-to-use digital signage solution at an affordable cost.

image of IPTV

Samsung MagicINFO

Communicate important data in real-time within corporate, educational, retail and healthcare environments.

image of IPTV

IPTV Solutions

We rolled out almost 1000 IPTV patient entertainment screens for Southmead Hospital with a custom-built interface.

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