Technology as a Service™

Technology-as-a-Service, or TaaS™, is a new business model integrating hardware purchase with a services model to deliver a seamless, end-to-end solution.

Although essentially a rental agreement, TaaS has additional dimensions that make it more than just a rental. Hardware and software, installation, training, support, management; all can be rolled into a managed AV service with a flat, monthly fee over an agreed period. No up-front costs, but with the option to upgrade during the contract, if required, and to replace at the end of the period.

No need for
capital investment

Technology-as-a-Service requires no up-front capital investment. When capital is required elsewhere in the business TaaS helps you avoid a difficult choice.

Creates a tax
deductible expense

TaaS™ transfers the cost of IT from the balance sheet to operating expenses, giving you a tax-deductible expense.

Expert help
and assistance

We can help you deploy UC and AV technology to your best advantage, help you introduce the latest tech and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will be sorted out in the event of a problem.

Accurate costs to aid
planning and cashflow

When the cost of the equipment, support and maintenance is wrapped into flat, monthly payments you know what your costs will be so TaaS™ is good for planning and cashflow.

Boost company

Persistent meeting room technology problems are a common cause of poor office morale. TaaS™ gives your team a more efficient environment, sweeps away much of the tension that arises from complaints and firefighting, and boosts morale – theirs and yours.

Quickly implement an
adaptive workplace.

Deploy the latest communication and meeting room technology to meet the post-pandemic challenges of the new and adaptive workplace.  We all know that the workplace has changed – deploy technology that reflects this without the capital investment.

Our Services

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Video Conferencing

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Room & Desk Booking Systems

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Control Systems

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Digital Signage

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Wireless Presenting

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LED Walls