Logitech SmartDock

Industry News – Logitech SmartDock

Recently introducing the SmartDock, Logitech have launched their all-in-one meeting room console that is designed to pair with Skype® for Business.

The SmartDock is an AV control console designed to work flawlessly with Skype Room Systems and is compatible with the full line-up of Logitech® ConferenceCams to provide an elegant, easy-to-use console for launching and managing group video conferences. Simply walk into a conference room and start your meeting with one-touch join.

As an integral part of the Skype Room Systems experience, it provides three main functions:
1. All-in-One: A secure, table-top mounting systems for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is the dedicated room PC enabling Skype for Business software to be used.
2. Zero clutter: The SmartDock offers connectivity through additional ports for power, USB and HDMI; all through one cable.
3. Easy sharing: Share content from your laptop with a HDMI cable and a click of a button.

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