Industry News – Neets Control

Neets have the aim of making a presenters life easier. When presenting you may find that some problems arise, problems such as; not finding the correct cables to connect your laptop so that you can present or you may not be able to find the remote to start the presentation, Neets have created products for a solution to solve these problems.

Neets have designed products such as touch panel, which is a simple and intuitive product which is fully customisable. It doesn’t have any software or licensing fees, so it is cost effective and it is a hard wearing solution that controls your meeting spaces for years to come.

At the touch of one button your screen can come down, projector/screen turns on and you can make a call. The commands programmed are fully tailored to fit the particular client’s needs around the designed solution. You can control a whole meeting room or lecture hall from one point, and you can have the touch panel based on the wall on or on a stand on a desk or boardroom table.

New to Neets is the ‘Welcome Room Bundle’. This detects movement in the room it brings a set up guide on the display when movement is detected to guide you through the steps to help you arrange your presentation. This takes less stress off of you when you are about to present as you don’t need to think about the AV systems, you can just concentrate on how you’re going to perform.

There is also another solution called ‘Neets Control’. Rather than the touch panel this is simply buttons, which comes in different forms, including the EcHo, OsCar, BraVo.

Engineers Training Course:

Our engineers at TENav have recently been on the Neets Control training course and have learnt how to incorporate any controllable system into Neets. Able to practice alongside a trained programmer, they are now looking forward to designing their own programs for clients.

Get in touch with the team to find out more about Neets and how it could benefit for your meeting space: / 0203 397 7360.