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To do before opening your office

New year, New You! The phrase we hear every January, usually followed by a raised eyebrow or an eye roll, is one that will be ringing a little louder in 2022.

A whole 3 years since the start of the pandemic, January 2023 is the great British re-opening with many businesses welcoming their staff back full time. A welcome relief after the limbo of WFH and isolations, the social pillars of the workplace will be in full swing as people finally make their way out of their homes and back to their desks. With this return, come questions like "is my office as safe as possible for my teams?" and "is my technology up to scratch after being dormant for over 2 years?". Questions that we at TenAV are happy to answer. To give you a head start on your grand opening, here are 5 things you should think about before re-opening your office.

Is your office safe enough?

With safety staying at the forefront of everyone's minds, technology solutions like Room & Desk Booking can provide a sense of security for you and your employees.
With an effective booking system in place, you can manage everything from capacity control, to cleaning management to put everyone in your building at complete ease.

Is everything up to date?

If everything has been left dormant throughout the restrictions, there are likely to be a number of updates required to get everything up and running again. Why not book in for one of our System Health Checks where we will carefully look over all your hardware and software, and suggest updates where necessary?

Can you keep your reception safe?

With a number of people suddenly walking through your doors again, it's important your reception is able to effectively control who is entering and when. A new technology taking the corporate world by storm is a Virtual Receptionist. Further protecting your staff and reducing the potential for exposure, the virtual assistant works using QR codes that can be sent to your guest and then used to ‘check in’ for their meeting.

Can you reduce unnecessary journeys?

By using a Wayfinding System (part of our Room and Desk Booking software) your employees can locate each other, and be provided with a direct journey to take that follows any one way systems you may have in place.

Will there still be people at home?

If some of your workforce are still planning to work from home, how can you make sure they have the same experience as those in the office? By having fully fledged and carefully crafted meeting spaces, your at-home employees can still feel like part of the team. Through our Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, we can create spaces that work for you and your teams by creating a virtual environment for them to collaborate no matter how far apart they actually are.

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