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CABI International: Office Fit Out

We had the pleasure of being the chosen AV company to fit out CABI International's new headquarters in the Oxfordshire countryside. With co-working spaces and meeting rooms across two floors, plus a large open space with digital signage, this was an opportunity to show the best that TenAV has to offer.

CABI is a non-profit organisation that improves peoples lives by supplying technological and scientific expertise to solve agricultural and environmental problems. Their approach is to give people the correct tools, skills, and knowledge so they can improve their way of living.

Founded in 1910 by Sir Guy Marshall, CABI has over 100 years of experience supporting the scientific field and has developed into a truly international development-led organisation supported by a solid research base.

They are committed to playing a leading part in helping the world reach its sustainable development goals, whilst maintaining its key relationships with other countries and governments.

CABI has over 400 staff members who work from more than 20 locations across the globe. In the UK, they wanted to build a corporate office for their Publishing, Sales and Customer Service, IT, Marketing, Finance, Project Development and Digital Development teams that was representative of their company values.

We worked very closely with their builders, IT teams and procurement teams to deliver a seamless solution that was easy to use and beautiful to look at. For their auditorium, we installed a 98” LED screen as the focus point, with a fully bespoke, CABI branded lectern and gooseneck microphone for presentations.

We designed a beamforming ceiling mic array for the room to cater for its vast size and to ensure audio pickup was consistent throughout the space. CABI wanted to be able to adjust the rooms layout without affecting the audio pickup, and the ceiling mic is perfectly scalable for the space. We used two cameras(one specifically to focus on the presenter positioned at the lectern and one to capture the audience) and the feeds from these were distributed to the displays we used in their cafeteria for their larger, open plan meetings; perfectly suited to enabling social distancing as well as larger head counts within the office.

Additionally, we incorporated wireless hand held microphones and lapel microphones so that CABI had full flexibility for the rooms end use, all controllable from the bespoke Crestron control system that we designed and built.

In the cafeteria we installed wall mounted displays and digital signage that could display their internal communications, news stations, or a live feed from the auditorium.

For their Zoom Rooms, we installed simplistic Crestron Mercury's and Zoom accredited hardware which meant they could easily collaborate with team members and clients that weren’t in the building without feeling isolated. Delivering a coherent solution throughout their meeting spaces, end users have scalable but consistent experiences in each variety of room size, to host meetings of all sizes.

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