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Can AV improve your workplace culture?

We spend 21%of our total waking hours (based on an assumed 8 hour of sleep over 76 years) at work. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. 21% of our days are spent at work, grafting away at the latest project, chatting to our co-workers, and cracking on with our daily routines. That’s almost a third of our lifetimes. Crazy, right?

Its no wonder that many offices around the world are re-evaluating the way we work and are trying to make offices more inviting and mentally rewarding for their teams. Moreover, Deloitte have discovered that 88% of employees consider a distinct workplace culture important to organizational success.

Take a look at Google for example; Google has become synonymous with having an employee-centric culture for years and is often the point of reference when speaking of a successful work/life balance for employees. Slack, the corporate messaging service, is another worthy example of a good company culture. With regular surveys and employee feedback, slack knows exactly where their pain points are and can act on them quickly. There are many ways to improve a workplaces culture, but one that is little beknown to most is your office design and technological offering.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself up against a tight deadline with a million and one things to do and being stuck on a lagging conference call. Or going to start your department meeting to find that the last person that used the meeting room has skipped off with the HDMI cable. Or, and my personal pet peeve, is having an online video call and all you can hear is static with delayed audio. Having a slick and easy to use video conferencing system that your employees want to use is a proven way to improve productivity, morale, and communication between in-office and at-home employees.

Lets break it down into the specific ways your AV and communications solutions can help your workplace culture:

Bridge the gap:

A seamless experience for Avenir Global using Microsoft Teams

With many employees turning to flexible working and working from their homes, having a powerful and easy to use collaboration system can ensure they still feel like part of the team. With a system like Microsoft Teams, you can have a secure hybrid environment to work with your team no matter where they are. With Teams, you can easily create collaborative and inclusive meetings from anywhere, with high quality video, audio, and file sharing experiences.

"The main thing I wanted for the employees was a system that could be used easily by both the technically experienced, and the technophobes. I wanted them to all have the same experience, and TenAV achieved that with our Teams set up."

- Alec Beckett, Vice President of Business Applications and Digital Transformation

Digital Signage for recognition:

Digital Signage for Employee Announcements at Avenir Global

Showcase your colleagues’ achievements by giving them shout outs on one of our digital signage screens. These can be added, amended quickly, and displayed for the whole office to see at the touch of a button. Why not make it a daily occurrence where you can really shout about achievements and make that person feel proud of what they have achieved.

Give your employees controlA full

A fully integrated Room Booking System for Avenir Global

Improving all-round efficiency, room and desk booking systems are a flawless way of creating ease in the workplace. With numerous in-built tools, customised user interfaces, and handy reporting tools; room and desk scheduling systems are a great way to make you teams feel in control of their working environments and takeaway some of the impromptu-ness of hot-desking.

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