Adopting Video Conferencing

Our Office Manager, Phoebe Bailey shares her tips for adopting your brand new video conferencing platform:

  1. Get the leadership team on board

    Perhaps the most important part of the process, ensuring your leadership team are confident and happy with your new video conferencing system will enable the rest of the team to follow suit.

  2. Lunch and learn

    Schedule a few fun lunch and learn (which we are happy to host) sessions across the first month of implementation with a more relaxed approach than a training session. This will avoid taking people away from their desks during their pushed schedules and allow them to connect with their colleagues.

  3. Eat, Sleep, VC, Repeat

    Encouraging the whole team to use the new platform by scheduling your usual meetings with it from the very offset. This will allow the team to fully engage with and adopt the new system sooner rather than later, ensuring adoption ‘stragglers’ aren’t left behind, and to ensure that the new platform is part of the status quo from day zero.

  4. Get everyone on board - even the camera shy ones!

    If you’ve not previously used a video conferencing platform before, often the camera can get the better of us. If you’re a brand new VC user, an easy way to bring people over is to start by using the audio conferencing and/or chat features. More familiar applications, the audio call and chat features will allow early adoption of the platform, before extending usage onto the video side to make the most of your new solution.

  5. Schedule your team meetings

    Once the team are feeling more confident in using the VC platform, schedule a frequent team meeting (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly) to bring everyone together and encourage regular use.

  6. Assign a ‘super user’

    By having a super user (who we will train) on site, they can be the first port of call for colleagues who may be nervous to ask that silly question (which can be directed to us). The familiarity of a super user will allow your team to feel confident in having somewhere to turn when they need their questions answered - by a friendly face.

What We Do

By providing training and adoption support sessions, we ensure the whole team are fully confident with every aspect of your new solution. We’re there - every step of the process to ensure you, and your whole team are fully supported, through the entirety of your life cycle.

Get in touch to find out more about what we do, our read more about some of our video conferencing solutions here.

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