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Latest in AV: Catchbox Mic

One of the latest products we’ve tried and tested across a multitude of AV solutions is the Catchbox, a throwable microphone. Encouraging even the shyest of audiences to take part in social meetings and Q&A sessions, the Catchbox has demonstrated itself to be a fun and engaging way to encourage audiences to have their say in all-hands meetings and company team sessions.

Fully customisable, the sleeve can be bespoke in your specific company branding and four images can be uploaded to the sides.

Safe and friendly to use in open space environments, we have installed several of these for our clients in various meeting spaces, predominantly all-hands type areas. The success of them has been overwhelming to date, and we’re huge ambassadors of the product!

Looking for a fun way to engage your audience? Give us a call to borrow our very own TenAV Catchbox!


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