Month Review

Month In Review - March 2021

Well its been a crazy 31 days at TenAV, with Charlie & Steve closing over 40 exciting projects, our engineers smashing it as always, and two new lovely people joining team Ten (big welcome to Jason and, uh... me!).  Special shout out to Becky for keeping the ship sailing smoothly and filling two roles!


With the easing of restrictions just beyond the horizon our thoughts are turning to warmer days, seeing our friends and family, golf (for some of us), and that first crisp cold pint down in the pub. Obviously we still must keep ourselves safe, but that little bit of freedom will surely bring some joy we’ve all been missing. And.Digital released a study about how much the tech world has changed since the pandemic began over a year ago and their main findings were:

  1. Mass Collaboration.
  2. Wellness.
  3. Tech Skills & Talent.
  4. Diversity & Inclusion.
  5. Values Matter.


In short, people in the tech industry (as we well know) have had to find ways to collaborate at a distance, nurture tech skills, and look after their mental health, whilst remaining inclusive and ensuring that their values resonate with their customers. Now more than ever customers are relying on their trust for a brand/company to make their purchasing choices, so building and maintaining those long-standing relationships with our clients is going to be a driving force for TenAV going forward. So, what else has been going on in the world of tech and gadgets I hear you cry? The answer is… a lot!

See some snippets below from March 2021 below for you to check out.


Oliver Dowden releases his Ten Tech Priorities for the UK

1. Rolling out world-class digital infrastructure
2. Unlocking the power of data
3. Building a tech-savvy nation
4. Keeping the UK safe and secure online
5. Fuelling a new era of start-ups and scale-ups
6. Unleashing the transformational power of tech
7. Championing free and fair digital trade
8. Leading the global conversation on tech
9. Levelling up digital prosperity across the UK
10. Using digital innovation to reach Net Zero


PolyStudioP21 is released

Supercharge your video calls with the Poly Studio P21. Everything you need for a pro-grade video experience is ready to go with a single USB connection that works with any video app. A brilliant 21” display and built-in high-definition camera, hi-fidelity speakers, microphone and adjustable ambient lighting will make you look and sound crazy good.”  PolyStudio P21 Personal meeting display | Poly, formerly Plantronics & Polycom.


Collaborative robotics from ABB

“Six years ago, ABB unveiled YuMi, a collaborative robot that works safely alongside humans, helping with repetitive, dull or dangerous tasks. Now, with the launch of two new models, GoFa and SWIFTI, co-bots are levelling up: they're stronger, faster and easier to configure and use, with new, innovative safety features that allow them to be more seamlessly integrated into workplaces. Collaborative robots– or co-bots – are designed to work alongside people without safety measures such as fences. They're easy to reprogram, meaning human co-workers can redeploy them with ease without having to modify an entire production line, making co-bots ideal for repetitive or dangerous tasks in small businesses and large industry alike.”


MIAir Charge Technology

Beijing based company Xiaomi have released their first prototype for their completely wireless MI air charger. The idea is, instead of putting your phone on a pad to wirelessly charge it, you can keep using it and the air charge will wirelessly charge it at a range of 5 meters. Their plan is to include smart watches, bracelets and other wearable devices. Soon our living room devices, including speakers, desk lamps and other small smart home products, will all be built upon a wireless power supply design, completely free of wires.


Iphone iOS 14.4 update

'Find My Items' option in the 'Find My' app, which lets third-party accessories be tracked down by Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature if they get lost. Yet another addition to the Internet of Things network. Proper widgets are making their on-screen debut with changeable covers, sizes, colours, and folders. Apps can now be ‘hidden’ from your screen (but still accessible) so if you have a penchant for fast food apps, you can hide them away from prying eyes. The way you receive phone calls is set to change too. Instead of taking up the whole screen - a pain point for many iOS users - the notification will now appear at the top of the screen in the form of a banner. Lastly, you can now also change the default app your phone uses for email or browsers. This has been a long time coming, and iOS 14 will now mean you can switch to an alternative like Google Chrome or Gmail to be your default app.

In other news...

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