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Team profile: Alex

Alex Fairfield is a creative individual with a talent for digital media and marketing. Her passion and motivation have served her well throughout her career, landing her competitive internships and securing her roles within leading fashion brands. Alex grew up in Leeds, but moved to London to attend the University of the Creative Arts to study Fashion Journalism.

Alex took a short career break last year to have her son Frankie, and is excited for the challenge TenAV offers her with a complete blank slate for her to work her magic on.

Alex at the TenAV offices

Who are you?

I’m Alex, I’m 23, and I’m originally from a little town called Ilkley in West Yorkshire but I moved to surrey for university in 2015. I graduated from University of the Creative Arts in 2018 and have worked in Marketing and Publishing ever since.

How did you get into AV?

I got into AV through my passion for marketing and building client bases. The opportunity wasn’t something I was necessarily looking for, or something I was already confident in (I struggle to make toast sometimes so smart AV solutions were a bit over my head!) but the close-knit nature of the team meant I could come into a brand-new industry with little technical knowledge and feel supported and be given the opportunity to learn and grow.

Where is the best place you've been to?

The best place I’ve ever been to has to be Rome. My boyfriend took me for my birthday a few years ago and we had a public transport ban while we were there – we agreed we would walk everywhere. It might sound crazy, but we had the best time getting lost down little streets and we discovered some amazing off-the-grid places.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?

If I could meet anyone dead or alive, I would meet Denzel Washington. I am obsessed with his films and would love to have a drink with him (and see if he brings his own teabag!).

What's your ideal Friday night?

My ideal Friday night would be getting on a plane (I cant wait to travel again!) and going on a weekend break somewhere in Europe. I would love to turn up at the airport, bags packed, and decide there and then where to go – a true spontaneous trip!

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