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Team Profile: Becky

Name: Becky

Position: General Manager

What I love most about TenAV:

We have a really close-knit team and a family-like culture. I love working on the delivery of our larger projects, as whilst delivering a project I’m working with the same people who know that project inside-out; seeing projects from the design stage, right through to completion and the handover to the client.

Favourite aspect of AV?

I find audio quite fascinating; we’ve conducted quite a few highly technical audio surveys and then installed audio solutions to capture every part of the more acoustically-challenged spaces. The Catchbox throwable microphone is one of my favourite solutions, I often get the fun task of designing these for our clients with their company logo and colours incorporated!

Favourite project?

That’s quite a tough one. After almost five years with TenAV, I’ve been involved in every single project that we’ve installed since the day that I started, but I loved the CABI project in 2020 with their incredible wireless building. I also really enjoyed Amadeus’ initial fit-out of 70+ meeting spaces back in 2017, whilst Babylon and Essex Court are two of my very fond clients. All of our clients are just so lovely to work with, and I enjoy my role because I get so heavily involved with the client as well as the background logistics behind the project; I see it develop from every angle!

One of my favourite aspects of my role is how involved I get in every single project, and I build up such fantastic relationships with all of my clients throughout their projects.

What do you think is the next big trend to happen in the AV industry?

Remote working has obviously seen a massive shift in the last year, but I have already seen an uptake in people choosing to go into the office, when they have been able to. The integration and interoperability of multiple platforms within a business is very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds when returning to the office. At this point, flexible meeting spaces and adaptive rooms to cater for all platforms and allow users to join calls from a multitude of preferred VC brands is absolutely vital to keep productivity flowing. At the end of 2020, we saw Zoom and Teams launch their integrations and this is the very start. We’re already designing and installing flexible meeting spaces that allow interoperability, and this will only increase in demand.

Our USP is without a doubt our personal approach to our clients and their projects. Our clients come back to us repeatedly because they know us well as individuals, and they know that they can rely on us to deliver their projects with a positive and proactive approach; focusing on the quality of installation and maintaining such fantastic relationships with them too.

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