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Team Profile: Chris

Chris Coleman is a dedicated and passionate worker with over 13 years of experience in the Audio Visual Industry. He has worked in a wide range of environments from industrial installations to high end corporate AV and residential Electrical installations, picking up a good range of skills and knowledge along the way. He is always thriving to further himself and keep up with the ever changing and adapting world of Audio Visual.

Chris has spent a large portion of his Audio Visual career travelling across EMEA and beyond working for big name companies and always taken pride in delivering top of the range and new technologies always striving for snag free finishes and customer satisfaction. With all the experience gained in the last 13 years Chris is confident inleading jobs, supervising engineers onsite and training junior engineers up to be competent and self sufficient.

Chris at the TenAV offices

Who are you?

I’m Chris Coleman and I am 33 years old. I am from a small town close to Farnborough Hampshire, Always been based in the south east of England which gives easy commutes to London or any of the London airports, perfect for the working life I lead!

How did you get into AV?

I’ve always been a hands on practical person from a young age, After the school years I started out my career training up as a time served electrician, Unfortunately I completed my electrical qualifications just as the 2008 recession hit and there was no work for electricians to be found. I got in contact with Focus21 an audio visual company who still had work going, they took me on where I began to learn the Audio Visual trade and thoroughly enjoyed my time there and the work I was doing, It was a new challenge and new systems to learn and in fact I preferred it to the world of Electrical installations, that’s why 13 years later I’m still doing it! As the years have gone by and the companies I have worked for my interest and passion for the trade has grown, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now.

Where is the best place you’ve visited?

I have worked all over Europe and beyond, I’ve enjoyed all the different cities I’ve worked in for different reasons. A highlight for me was working in Dubai, it’s a very impressive and beautiful city! Outside of work I have spent a lot of time travelling around south east Asia. My favourite place I went to there is a place called Hoi An in Vietnam. The people are so friendly and accommodating, The food is out of this world delicious and the scenery is spectacular. The memories of that place is something that will always stay with me. Now I’m currently waiting for Covid life to calm down and travelling to become possible again so I can get myself back out there to see more of that amazing country!

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This is a very difficult question because there are so many possibilities. I think the people on top of my list would be along the lines of David Attenborough, Brian Cox, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, John Lennon, Robin Williams, Billy Connolly, Steve Irwin just for his passion for life! and so many more, I could keep listing people all day for this!

What’s your ideal Friday night?

My ideal and mostly usual Friday night would be to get home from work, spend an hour or two on the motorbike just to relax and get out of the working mindset of the week. To get home after and have a nice meal and relax in front of the TV. I admit it’s a bit boring but it’s the simple things in life that should be appreciated the most!

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