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Team Profile: Richard

Name: Richard

Position: Director


What I love most about TenAV: 

I am incredibly lucky and proud to work with a talented and driven group of individuals who relish and take pride in what they do. I regularly hear (and use) the terms #TeamTenAV and ‘the TenAV family’, which really does sum up life in our company. I have always believed that there are only three questions which need to be answered at a job interview;

1.      Is the applicant capable of doing the job?

2.      Will the applicant be motivated to do the job?

3.      Will the candidate be a good fit to the team and company ethos?

When it comes to recruiting for TenAV, the last question has to be the most important; we can always offer training if required and if you are the kind of focused “go getter” we like you will have stacks of self-motivation anyway. We have a unique team ethos and clients’ love our personal touch and that has to come naturally from every member of the team.


Favourite aspect of AV? 

One word… innovation. Our industry is constantly innovating and releasing new products which in turn give integrators, like TenAV, the tools to specify new and feature rich solutions. Being vendor agnostic, we spend a lot of time selecting the best of breed products which we can then integrate in complete system designs. Think ‘Christmas Morning’ throughout the year when all of these new shinny toys keep turning up at our office.


Favourite project? 

It was a while ago, but Proctor & Gamble wanted a video wall for their UK HQ in Weybridge, Surrey. The challenge was to suspend 25x 55” video wall screens (over two metric tonnes), 7m in the air without touching the fabric of the building. We ended up designing and fabricating a steel structure with tie-backs to the walkways behind the screen for stability. We even had to design dampers into the tie-backs as the walkways vibrated when someone walked over them. Watching the team come together to overcome a challenge like that (which no other AV company wanted to even quote) was a defining moment for me – and the end result was truly magnificent.


What do you think is the next big trend to happen in the AV industry? 

For years experts in the video conferencing industry spoke about a “hockey stick growth curve” that was always about to happen… but never really did. The reason was simple; humans are a social animal and so people booked meeting rooms to hold meetings in person, because that is what they always did and there was no reason not to do it that way! Until suddenly there was a reason not to meet, in person, in a small enclosed space. And then everything changed. Within weeks of the start of 2020 providers, such as Zoom, had seen their active user base increase by a factor of x30. But this is about so much more than simply communication tools, there has been a fascinating amount of “innovation” over the past year in many areas and product sets.

I am not a fan of the expression “new normal”, but the adoption of technology for collaboration (especially visualisation in projects and meetings) will define the new workspace. It is what we do and the future is exciting…

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