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Flexible Working Rights

When the pandemic broke, we knew the world was never going to be the same again.

What we potentially didn't expect, however, was the massive shift it caused in the workplace. Pre-Covid, flexible working was something of a privilege, only offered after a certain amount of dedicated time in your position. Even after that threshold had been met, the stigma around flexible working has stopped many from applying for it. Since the enforced lockdown's, and people learning quickly how to master the WFH routine, many are not ready to go back to the office full time. As a business, how can you prepare for this new flexible landscape? And how can you encourage your employees to return to the office safely and effectively?


A unified communication platform is a way of connecting multiple communication and collaboration systems seamlessly for the end user. This means they can talk, video call, share files, instant message, and collaborate with the wider team all in one place. They’re network based so the install is more cost effective, and the freedom it gives its users (they are free to join a collaboration space however they feel most comfortable) means they are likely to be more productive due to the enhanced user experience. A Microsoft Teams Room (or MTR) is a great example of a collaboration space that is functional and easy to use. It allows those working remotely to seamlessly participate in team meetings. With such distance between team members, a powerful form of technology is required to bridge the gap. Teams certainly delivers this.


An exciting new concept from our team, a yellow brick road can provide biological protection whilst wowing your guests. When your guest checks in, being taken to a waiting room and then taken to an internal meeting space increases the risk of exposure for them and for your team, especially if they have been sat in multiple areas of your office. We propose your guest checks in contact free with a virtual receptionist (see below) and a strip of lights embedded in the floor will direct them to a private meeting room. This increases safety, efficiency, and will blow your clients away.


Every single inch of an office space is more important than ever and should be utilised. We have installed breath-taking atriums and calming waiting areas for our clients in the past, but we are experiencing high demand for open spaces that are practical as well as beautiful. When it comes to your entrance, that front door is your barrier between your team and the outside world so why not reinforce it? Temporarily transforming your welcome are into a series of client-facing meeting rooms is a way of bringing people in to meet, without putting your team at risk by walking them through your whole building. You could even push your security barriers back to allow meeting spaces outside of the secure area to further protect your staff.


A very new technology taking the corporate world by storm is a virtual receptionist. Further protecting your staff and reducing the potential for exposure, the virtual assistant works using QR codes that can be sent to your guest and then used to ‘check in’ for their meeting.


The advantages of having a room and desk booking system in place can be split into two categories; safety and productivity. In terms of safety, it can reduce contact and enforce social distancing by blocking off certain desks. Pre-booking would also reduce the risk of contact in a hot-desking environment as everyone knows exactly where they will be each day. Cleaning can be managed more easily with allocated cleaning times between uses, and contact tracing can be measured with a log of who has sat where and on which days. In terms of productivity, wayfinding software means that colleagues can be easily located, reducing the time spent hunting someone down, whilst showing the quickest and safest route to their location (especially useful if you have a one-way system in place).

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