TenAV provides technology solutions that fulfil your business’ needs, and help your team work more efficiently. The world we work in has changed and instead of longing for the good-old-days, we at TenAV are grasping the opportunity to re-invent the way we can all collaborate inside and out of the office. With smarter working solutions, breath-taking video walls, flexible meeting spaces, and state of the art technology; we are ensuring our clients feel closer than ever to their teams, even if they are actually further apart.



Different isn't just what we do, it’s who we are. By getting involved during your design process we can create a truly seamless experience.
Retro fitting is never fun, neither is changing your expensive design plans to fit the kit you need. Avoid this by choosing TenAV and working alongside our experts.

Video Conferencing

The world we live in has changed, and the way we work has too. The pandemic has shown us the importance of being able to collaborate at a distance and having an effective video conferencing system that utilises unified communication and collaboration (UC+C) is now of the utmost importance to make your staff feel safe and productive.
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Room & Desk Booking

Scheduling rooms has never been easier with a variety of pioneering room and desk booking systems. Improving all-round efficiency, room and desk booking systems are a flawless way of creating ease in the workplace. With numerous in-built tools, customised user interfaces, and handy reporting tools, room and desk scheduling systems are a cost-effective way to manage your spaces.
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Office Fit-Out

If you’re working with a design & build company to re-invent your workplace, we can work alongside to provide all the AV and communications technology you need. By getting us involved in the design stage, we can create a seamless environment without disruption. If you need a fit-out company, we have worked with many that we could recommend.
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Corporate LED

In a time when image is everything, a LED installation in your office can really turn the heads of your clients and your employees. Perfect for displaying signage, advertisements, and for use in your open areas for presentations.
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Our 5 step process

Step one.

We start every partnership by getting to know you and your individual requirements

We dig deep to understand your needs, in order to create a bespoke solution to suit your requirements.
Our 5 step process

Step two.

We go away and design your complete solution, using the best technology available.

We dig deep to understand your needs, in order to create a bespoke solution to suit your requirements.
Our 5 step process

Step three.

Our expert AV engineers get to work, bringing your vision to life.

Creating minimal disruption on site, our team will install and programme your bespoke solution, with a full handover and training available if you require.
Our 5 step process

Step four.

Our established training handovers and user guides mean you can get the most out of your investment.

The fully rounded TenAV experience means we support you from our first interaction, to after your install is complete with comprehensive training for you and your teams, and user guides for you to brand.
Our 5 step process

Step five.

Our comprehensive service and maintenance packages can give you and your teams peace of mind.

We don't simply install and leave, we will solve any issues you may encounter, and will work hard to prevent these from happening in the first place.

Frequently asked questions

Those burning AV questions, answered by our experts.

How much does a meeting room set up usually cost?

This depends on a lot of different factors, and because we create bespoke packages for all our clients there isn't a one room fits all solution. That being said, we always work based on your budget and your requirements, so why not make an enquiry and lets see what we can do together?
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How do I prepare for my office reopening?

Asking that question is the first step! The main thing to do is you want to make sure your office is safe for your staff. Using a range of different solutions, you can ensure that your desks are clean, your meeting rooms are capacity optimised, and your co-working zones are controlled.
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Should I choose Teams, Zoom, or something else?

This is part of why we offer a co bespoke service, because every single person is different, and your team need different things! We will only offer you a solution that we know best fit for you, and is in your terms of usability.
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How do I know what my meeting rooms need?

Start by identifying your pain points, what do you find most frustrating when trying to have a meeting? Is it a blurry camera, a crackling microphone, or a screen that takes an age to connect to? Whatever your pains are, we can suggest the best solution to remove them, and give you a seamless meeting experience.
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How much does an LED wall cost?

This is without a doubt the question we answer the most from our clients, and there are a few factors involved. Firstly, how big is the LED wall going to be? Where is the video wall going to sit? What are the challenges of the space? How far away are people going to be from the wall? If you have this information, it will be a lot easier for us to give you a straight answer about the predicted costs of your project.
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What's the difference between hot desking and desk hoteling?

With hot desking, every desk is open to be used by anyone at any time. There is no continuity with a seating plan, and a clear desk policy is usually enforced. With desk hoteling, people can book their preferred desk for a number of hours, days, or even weeks. This poses staff benefits by reducing the mad rush for a desk in the morning, continuity with their seating patterns, and allows for an easily managed cleaning system.
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