Evoko Minto Blue

Product of the Month – Evoko Minto

The Evoko Minto has been designed by award-winning Swedish designers ‘No Picnic’. It is an easy to use, conference phone and can be mastered by anyone as it is incredibly straight-forward with simple gestures and commands to control it.

Battery operated, you can take it into any room you wish. To charge, you simply place it on the wall mount and leave it there until charged and ready to use again. It’s colour features make the product very aesthetically pleasing and indicates what the unit is currently doing. The green light means that a call is active, whilst the blue Halo colour shows that Bluetooth has been connected, and to mute the device, all you have to do is swipe your hand over the Evoko and it mutes the call and the Halo light turns red.

Incredibly smart and attractive, the Evoko Minto is a great product for all meeting spaces and integrates flawlessly with mobiles, tablets and laptops. Recognising background noise, it removes disturbing noises from the call, meaning that additional microphones aren’t required to ensure every one is heard equally.

Would your meeting space benefit from an Evoko Minto? Get in touch with our sales team to find out how it might endorse your meetings.