Concierge Booking

From Fischer & Kerrn, Concierge Booking is a room booking and visitor management software. Allowing you to plan and book events, book meeting rooms, order catering services, invoicing and manage visitors, Concierge Booking is an all-round solution.

With a range of organisation solutions, Fischer & Kerrn’s Concierge Booking provides automation and management for small and large offices.

Key Features

  • Visitor Management

    offers visitor pass printing, improved security and visitor self-sign in;

  • MS Office Integration

    integrate with Microsoft Outlook;

  • Meeting Catering Service

    request catering for meetings through Outlook or mobile devices;

  • Organisation at it's Best

    mitigate the risk of double-bookings and errors with visitors;

  • Host Notifications

    automatically notifies hosts by text or email when their visitor signs in.