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Fischer & Kerrn

From Fischer & Kerrn's 10.1" touch screen booking panel to their all-in concierge services software, Fischer & Kerrn offer a true all-in-one solution for maximising efficiency and autonomy across your organisation.

Fischer & Kerrn Product Features

RFID / NFC Card Reader

User authentication with RFID/NFC cards which allow you to book, check-in and manage your meeting bookings.

Room Capacity

Panels display information about the capacity of each room, to prevent headcount issues on arrival.

Easy Management

The F&K central management tool allows you to push out fresh content, perform firmware updates and manage devices remotely.

POE Connectivity

One cable, two purposes. Powered over Ethernet for connectivity and power in one.

Host Notifications

Hosts can receive automatic notifications when their guests check in, saving valuable time for your colleagues.

Unique Layouts

Customise your layouts to match your company's identity and branding, and give panels the same or different layouts.

Display Flexibility

Browser-based, you can use the F&K software on a range of tablets and professional LG/Samsung screens to give consistency with existing AV.

Energy Efficiency

Schedule your panels to automatically sleep and wake up to reduce electricity consumption.

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