InFocus MonoPad

The Mondopad from InFocus is a stunning collaboration tool in a variety of sizes to suit every requirement. With the inclusion of business-class video conferencing, the Mondopad is an all-in-one solution to increase your collaboration efficiency.

With a stunning 1080p display and full version of Microsoft Office included, the Mondopad allows you to use your whiteboard tools to mark up PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, images, videos, web pages and more.

Key Features

  • Multi-Touch

    high definition displays with multi-touch;

  • Up Scale

    create a whiteboard of up to 100 display screens in size;

  • Wireless Sharing

    cast your device’s screen to the Mondopad;

  • Video Conferencing

    with the option of 4-way instant calls, you can effortlessly work together face-to-face;

  • Remote Collaboration

    visually collaborate with others on the same content;

  • Share

    collect, save and email whiteboard annotations to meeting participants from the Mondopad.