Kramer Control

Kramer Control is one of the most flexible and powerful tools that we can integrate into your space. With the option of a wall-mounted controller or a wireless tablet control interface (or both), allowing you to manage your space from one single point, seamlessly incorporating all of your AV kit.

Kramer K-Touch

Controllable from any tablet or smart phone, Kramer K-Touch provides advanced control and automation across AV systems including lighting, screens, input, sound and heating.

Flawlessly integrating an entire room’s controls, the program is uniquely designed to control individual or a group of AV equipment; meaning that setting-up is as easy as one click when walking into a meeting room.

Key Features

  • K-Touch can be programmed onto an iOS or Android tablet;

  • Full customisation available including branding, buttons and layout;

  • Cloud-based software allows any changes to be programmed remotely.

Kramer RC74DL

Kramer’s versatile RC-74DL control panel allows you to conveniently control your spaces; from meeting rooms to large auditoriums.

With in-wall mounting, the RC-74DL is a stylish panel that endorses bi-directional control for real-time visual feedback and control of your space.

It has twelve back-lit buttons and three LED displays that are customisable in colour, text and design.

Key Features

  • Three 8-character program-configurable LCD displays;

  • 12 RGB-colour, tactile feedback, back-lit buttons;

  • Bi-directional digital volume knob with visual volume-level feedback.