First impressions are everything. Signagelive is a powerful cloud-based software platform that enhances your digital signage across a variety of sectors; including retail stores, healthcare and internal communications.

Communicating effectively is a critical part of doing business. Whether you’re keeping employees informed or promoting your best products, Signagelive is a digital signage solution that allows you to successfully communicate your most important messages.

With pure control over your digital signage, you can choose what you want displayed, and when.

Key Features

  • Engagement

    engage audiences from the get-go with striking digital signage;

  • Room Management

    employees can use their smart phones to log a meeting and book rooms;

  • Real Time

    update your audience with real-time statistics and information, at the very moment it happens;

  • Schedule Content

    with Signagelive you can schedule content for effortless automation and management;

  • Emergencies

    trigger emergency messages when a major event occurs, such as a fire alarm.