Smart Board

The Smart kapp iQ interactive whiteboard gives users a seamless collaborative tool. Without the need for an external PC, users have one-touch access to a whiteboard, web browser and wireless screen sharing.

Available iQ and iQ Pro, the displays complement any space in sharp Ultra HD resolution.

Key Features

  • Room Entry

    display automatically turns on when you enter the room;

  • Video Conferencing

    plug in your laptop for effortless video conferencing and collaboration;

  • Worldwide Contribution

    up to 250 users can contribute to everything on the display using their own devices;

  • Security

    protect sensitive work with encrypted connections;

  • Panoramic Whiteboard

    scrolling left to right, the panoramic whiteboard gives you optimal room to work;

  • Share

    share content on the display with personal devices over the same Wi-Fi network.

SMART Technology

  • Silktouch™

    the board accurately responds to the lightest of touches, from corner to corner;

  • Pen ID™

    two people can write in different colours at the same time;

  • Object awareness™

    recognises what you are using; fingers select, pens write, palms erase