SteelCase RoomWizard

RoomWizard is an intuitive room booking system that efficiently connects workers to all-important meeting places.

Its built-in web server allows users to find and reserve a room from any network PC, and can be used as a stand-alone system or can be incorporated with Microsoft® Outlook®, Lotus Notes® or other calendar systems. RoomWizard allows rooms and meetings to be organised flawlessly via the web, laptop or smart phones. With an instant booking system, workers can reserve spaces and get to work instantaneously.

Monitoring space utilisation is another of RoomWizard’s impeccable features which measures and reports occupancy trends and consumption.

Key Features

  • 7" Capacitive Touch Screen

    adjust reservation or book an immediate room for an impromptu meeting;

  • Status Lights

    powered by strong authentication and encryption;

  • Start Button

    automatically release a room if occupants do not show up;

  • Reporting

    message, meet and screen share with one app that works flawlessly with Office.

  • Warranty

    3 years, inclusive of the touch screen with an option for 5 years.