Experts in enterprise information management software, Aiimi deliver solutions to automate processes and manage data efficiently to develop their customer's strategies and utilise their data more intelligently.

The Brief

Moving into a new office, the team at Aiimi wanted a beautiful workplace that allowed them to work flexibly, efficiently and adaptive to their ever-changing demands and growing business. Looking for a video conferencing solution to keep their team connected internally and externally, both remotely and in the office, Aiimi had an end goal to achieve seamless and flexible remote working practices across the business.

Utilising platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom, Aiimi sought a collaborative solution that enabled them to roll out a video conferencing solution for their offices, allowing reliable content sharing wirelessly within their meeting spaces. With design and aesthetics playing a key driver in their project, Aiimi required us to source the most aesthetically-attractive equipment to deliver a beautiful design throughout their office.


The Solution

Designing several meeting spaces and pods alongside Aiimi's showcases; the Hack Area and the Boardroom, we designed a Zoom video conferencing solution across the board, incorporating an array of audio and visual solutions throughout.

Showcasing the renowned Shure MXA910 ceiling array microphone in their boardroom, the acoustically challenging room has been taken to the next level with use of two of these microphones, hardly visible or noticed upon entering the room.

Within their Hack Area (stand-up area), we deployed a bespoke and fully-branded Catchbox for use in their collaborative company meetings; ideal for the company's culture and energy during their team meetings. Alongside this, we deployed several handheld and lavalier microphones for presenters during their larger all hands meetings.

Within their smaller, huddle spaces and booths, we used the Poly X30 and X50 range for their high quality audio and video performance, ideal for use with Zoom meetings.

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