Pairing AI with second-to-none medical expertise, Babylon Healthcare provides access to personalised health assessments, treatment advice and face-to-face appointments with a doctor 24/7, delivering their mission of accessible and affordable health services Worldwide.

The Brief

With vast headcount expansion across their two London offices, Babylon struggled with room resource and required a solution to resolve their scheduling and video conferencing challenges. Already Zoom users, Babylon required a room scheduling system with upgraded and reliable Zoom approved hardware for their Zoom Room video conferencing setups for a variety of different sized and purposed rooms, including their invaluable stand-up areas.


The Solution

Using some of Babylon’s existing hardware, we supplied bespoke mounting solutions for some of their more challenging spaces, alongside upgraded 4K cameras and an array of microphones to suit each individual room. Utilising Zoom’s free room booking software, end users are able to schedule rooms more efficiently, and their much-demanded room resource is now utilised fully and managed effectively.

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