Farnborough airport is a 5* airport that offers a unique and completely private experience for its members. Each of their main airport buildings are tailored to fit their specific functions, such as the airport, the swan, the Aviator and the fully serviced FBO for passengers, crew, and aircraft.

Farnborough was the first ever airfield in UK aviation history and was home to the country’s first powered flight back in 1908. Rich in aviation history, Farnborough airport is the biggest private airport in the UK and is an award-winning example of British architectural and aviation excellence.

The Brief

Having worked with Oak Tree interiors before, we had already established a great relationship with the them and they were more than happy to recommend us to Farnborough to help them complete the work.

They were currently working on converting their top floor into office spaces, and asked us to support them with their audio and visual plans. They wanted a Microsoft Teams Room as their board room, multiple easy to use meeting rooms, and commercial displays in some of their existing rooms.


The Solution

As customer-facing meeting spaces, Farnborough Airport required high-specification audio visual solutions for a seamless video conferencing environment; catering to their executive clientele. Featuring two Shure MXA910 ceiling microphone arrays for unparalleled audio pickup throughout their showcase boardroom, partnered with a Yealink Teams Room solution and a show-stopping 86" 4K commercial display; all controlled by a simplistic but fully functioning wall controller.

Within their other meeting spaces, we incorporated both Teams Rooms setups as well as flexible BYOD (bring your own device) solutions to cater for their varied clientele and meeting space requirements.

Supporting them with an ongoing maintenance and support contract, Farnborough's new and existing rooms are continuously taken care of by our support and technical team to ensure that regular updates are performed and any faults are quickly rectified to ensure continuity.

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