Adaptive workplaces

An adaptable workplace is a workplace that can easily react to change. Whether that’s inconsistent use (employees working remotely, meeting rooms not being used as regularly as before), having less floor space (many businesses have reduced their floor space to reduce costs so using every inch is now of the upmost importance), or trying to use less electricity (both for cost savings and sustainability reasons) our workplaces need to be agile and responsive to how they’re being used.

Unified collaboration & communication systems

A unified communication platform is a way of connecting multiple communication and collaboration systems seamlessly for the end user.

This means they can talk, video call, share files, instant message, and collaborate with the wider team all in one place. They’re network based so the install is more cost effective, and the freedom it gives its users (they are free to join a collaboration space however they feel most comfortable) means they are likely to be more productive due to the enhanced user experience. A Microsoft Teams Room (or MTR) is a great example of a collaboration space that is functional and easy to use. It allows those working remotely to seamlessly participate in team meetings. With such distance between team members, a powerful form of technology is required to bridge the gap, Microsoft Teams & Zoom certainly deliver that.

Room & Desk Booking

When staff return to work desk usage will need to be controlled.

The advantages of having a room and desk booking system in place can be split into two categories; safety and productivity. In terms of safety, it can reduce contact and enforce social distancing by blocking off certain desks. Pre-booking would also reduce the risk of contact in a hot-desking environment as everyone knows exactly where they will be each day. Cleaning can be managed more easily with allocated cleaning times between uses, and contact tracing can be measured with a log of who has sat where and on which days. In terms of productivity, wayfinding software means that colleagues can be easily located, reducing the time spent hunting someone down, whilst showing the quickest and safest route to their location (especially useful if you have a one-way system in place).

Benefits of Room & Desk Booking:

  • Reduce contact
  • Enforce social distancing
  • Pre-booking
  • Cleaning management
  • Contact tracing
  • Locating colleagues easily
  • One-way systems
  • Wayfinding to find the quickest route

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