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Post Pandemic Workplace

We are here to help you reintroduce your employees back into the workplace – safely and effectively. Following Governmental guidelines, TenAV has put together a range of options to help your colleagues settle back into working amongst others. Our engineers are at hand to install these solutions, and they can even do installations whilst your office is empty to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

Perspex Cough Guards for Desks

A simple yet effective solution is to install clear Perspex Cough Guards around each desk as a physical layer of protection between colleagues which will create a healthier environment. These are available in different sizes and are a stylish and versatile solution. What’s even better is that they are very easy to clean; disinfecting desk areas is less of a chore and much more effective. The Cough Guards are supplied with edge-mount brackets, but they can be easily changed to a surface mounted solution.

Desk Booking

When staff return to work desk usage will need to be controlled; whether you are implementing a culture of hot desking, or more likely, controlling which desks are used and which are left empty to achieve social distancing.  As desks will need to be cleaned between users, it may well be that users cannot use their own desk and will instead be allocated a desk on any given day. Desk booking systems, like meeting room booking systems, automate this process and allow an electronic “token” to be allocated to each desk, showing when it is available or needs to be left empty until it is cleaned. We can use an LED colour coding system to clearly indicate the availability of a desk, or better yet, a display that can even name the user allocated to that desk.

An added complication will be locating colleagues in the office if desk allocation is regularly changing where individuals sit. Wayfinding software and interactive displays integrated with your desk booking system overcome this by allowing users to ask for the location of a colleague and then be show a map highlighting their location and the fastest route to get there.

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