Audio Visual Solutions | Control Systems

Manage the entirety of your room at the touch of a button with award-winning control engines. Seamlessly integrating a variety of commands, we are experienced in providing control systems for boardrooms, meeting rooms, cinema rooms and auditoriums with a range of capabilities. With our expert programmers, each audio visual control system is flawlessly designed and written for a creation that is unique to your requirements.


From controlling curtains and lighting to a one-click set-up of your video conferencing system, we have installed a variety of systems including award-winning Creston, Extron, AMX and Kramer control systems.

With limitless options, you are able to choose a solution that is completely unique to you; from wireless tablet controllers to wall-inserted brushed aluminium panels, there is a solution to suit every requirement and budget.


  • Control panels can range from wall-mounted or wireless Apple iPad controllers to bespoke-made controls embedded into the wall;
  • Seamless integration that controls multiple aspects of the room at one button;
  • Controls can include curtains/blinds, lighting, microphones, speaker volume, input and outputs as well as any appliances within the room;
  • Solutions to suit every end user and their budget.