Audio Visual Solutions | Boardrooms & Meeting Rooms

Meeting spaces and boardrooms are one of the most important client-facing rooms in an organisation, as well as being the spaces where colleagues get together to share ideas and communicate with each other. The benefit of having collaboration spaces that are inspiring and purposeful is shown to benefit both employee satisfaction and customer engagement.


With vast experience in consulting, designing, integrating and supporting complex audio visual solutions, TEN Audio Visual are well practised in delivering all-round solutions that incorporate displays, video conferencing, interactive technology and control systems.

Guiding you through the use of each system, we pride ourselves on handing over the final solution with all of the information you require to take charge and be confident in its daily use.

Offering a range of support and maintenance contracts for the life cycle of your products, we are on hand when you need us most as well as providing on-going planned maintenance to upgrade firmware and to keep your kit in the best condition.

Audio Visual Video Conference Boardoom


  • Control systems that integrate and manage all of your devices and programs, at the touch of one button with user-friendly interfaces;
  • Single or multiple screen displays for presenting multiple content or video conferencing;
  • Bespoke lecterns with built-in screens and control panels;
  • Room booking systems to allow users to flexibly book meeting spaces and manage them within their existing calendars such as Outlook;
  • Projector and screen installations that come in a range of sizes and specs;
  • Smart whiteboards allow for ultimate collaboration in meeting spaces and between locations.

Each boardroom and meeting room will come with its own unique specifications and therefore, we tailor every aspect of the project to the site after making a preliminary site visit to fully understand the requirements and existing facilities.