Wireless Presenting


Improve collaboration and offer guests a seamless experience.

Adopting the use of wireless presentation devices promotes a higher level of efficiency and delivers a smooth experience for guests in your meeting spaces, regardless of the device they have (BYOD = bring your own device). Delivering an alternative method of sharing to wired connections, wireless presenting devices help to reduce down-time and mitigate issues when cables are lost or faulty.

The ability to share content wirelessly to the room's display from a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC encourages users to swiftly collaborate and share ideas during meetings, without thinking about cables or adaptors, or sending emails prior to, or during your meeting. Collaboration devices are often the most well-utilised aspect of meeting spaces, and therefore choosing the right tool to endorse your meetings is key.


Wireless presentation solutions for every business


KRamer VIA Range

An affordable and flexible range, Kramer offers the VIA Go, VIA Collage, VIA Connect Pro and the VIA Campus as well as the handy VIA Pad for laptops and Microsoft Surface. Share videos at a stunning 60 frames per second, and use the VIA Pad for guests to easily connect to the room.

Kramer VIA Go

Zoom Rooms Wireless Content Sharing

Zoom Rooms

With an in-built proximity sensor, the Zoom Room software automatically detects devices in the room and allows you to share from them directly. Pair wireless presenting with your video conferencing solution, all built in with Zoom Rooms.

Barco ClickShare

A well-known name in the content sharing sector, Barco offer a range of reliable and easy-to-use wireless sharing devices in the Clickshare range, suitable for any space.

The CS-100, CSE-200 and CSE-800 deliver great quality video and content sharing with a simple click of the Clickshare Button.

Barco Clickshare

WePresent Devices


Bring your own device to any meeting with the wePresent range, an affordable and reliable solution for your wireless presentation needs. Stream content at the same time as other users with this collaborative tool. 



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