Zoom Rooms Hardware Bundles


The meeting room of the future

Offering a complete experience, Zoom Rooms delivers a seamless and easy-to-use video conferencing solution. Pair with affordable and flexible hardware solutions for the ultimate Zoom Room experience. Teaming up with Zoom Video Communications, TEN Audio Visual offer Zoom Room hardware bundles for every size of meeting space.

Initials Zoom Room

Flexibility at it’s finest

Hardware solutions for every size of collaboration space, we supply, install and maintain your Zoom Rooms.

Zoom Room Small Room

Small Room

Perfect for brainstorming sessions.

From £1,995 + VAT

Zoom Room - Large Room

Large Room

Deploy upgraded audio systems with multiple displays.

From £5,495 + VAT

Zoom Room - Medium Room

Medium Room

Engaging and productive meeting spaces.

From £3,900 + VAT

Zoom Rooms - Boardroom


Incorporate complex audio and visual solutions alongside Zoom.

From £14,995 + VAT



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Zoom Room Case Studies

Initials Zoom Rooms

Initials Marketing

Several Zoom Rooms for London-based marketing firm, Initials.

New Homes Law

Three Zoom Rooms for New Homes Law's relocated office.


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