Zoom Room Case Study

Town Hall

At this point you can let your imagination run free. With Zoom, we can create any meeting space that you desire including:

  • Video walls as your main display;
  • Multiple screens (maximum of three);
  • Multiple cameras so every view of the room can be seen;
  • Ceiling mounted speakers and microphones;
  • Wireless handheld and lapel microphones for presenters;
  • Lecterns with goose-neck microphones;
  • Multiple inputs for any video device;
  • Induction loops for use with hearing aids;
  • Control and integration equipment - placing you in total control of your room.

We have recently built such a room for cancer research and remote support of patients and patient groups.

“…a first class service as always”

Martin CummingsI
IT Technical Manager at Weston NHS Trust


“Amazing, this will be the best thing for Weston 👍”

Sharon Tucker
Transformation Lead at Weston NHS Trust

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